Heal Your Inner Child...

With Over 50+ Transformative Exercises, Tips, Prompts...

Permanently escape your cycle of emotional turmoil using a variety of intuitive exercises and informative guides expertly crafted by coach Gloria Zhang from The Inner Child Podcast!

Meet Gloria!

Based out of Canada, Gloria Zhang (@bygloriazhang) is a renowned Relationship Coach, entrepreneur, and former psychotherapist known for her signature style of translating esoteric ideas into everyday wisdom. Gloria hosts the global sensation, 'The Inner Child Podcast,' a self-help series which has captivated audiences across the globe, accumulating nearly 2 million downloads.

Gloria enjoys a quiet life with her life partner, taking pleasure in the simple joys of coffee and anime.

"Before, I did a lot of work with therapists around my wounds...

"But no one really addressed that everything in my life was a manifestation of my inner child! Through Gloria's work I've been slowly unraveling the layers that I had buried."

-Nadine Zumot, Save A Million Cents

Inside, you'll find inspirational chapters on....

Insightful Exercises

Journal Prompts



Connecting With Your Younger Self

Over 50+ powerful exercises and prompts on getting in touch with the Inner Child that is still inside you

Healing Your Four Core Wounds

Reparent yourself through the lens of Abandonment, Neglect, Trust, and Guilt with timeless tools.

Gain Closure & Healing

Rediscover your most authentic self before grief, societal conditioning, and complicated parents, and heal your core wounds in order to redefine yourself!


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